Sakai Tohji Knife Making Process

The Art of Knife-Making

Kitchen knives of Sakai Tohji brand are made by professional craftsman of Izumiriki Seisakusho. Established in 1805, Izumiriki's kitchen tools have been used and loved by professional chefs and household around the world. They make "tools for enjoying cooking". Sakai Tohji’s knives are the very best quality of kitchen knives with excellent sharpness and beauty. While having a traditional techniques, Sakai Tohji develops new knives made with molybdenum steel, all stainless steel etc.

Sakai Tohji knives are all hand-made one by one and knife-making skills have been handed down through generations. Japanese traditional knife-making is a division of work in which each craftsman uses special skills; Forging, Polishing, Attaching the handle

It start with a small piece of steel.

Knife-Making Process

Steel Attaching

welding hard carbon steel and soft base steel

Forge welding

the steel and base metal heated at 1000 and expanding it into the shape of a kitchen knife

Rough Hammering

The flattened steel is hammered to make shape and the thickness even


The blade is heated at a low temperature and then placed in straw ash to cool.


Steel is cut off into the shape of knife



applying dirt on the knife to let 780 degree-heat penetrate evenly and for reheating


The knife is heated again to 160 - 180 degrees

Fixing Distortion


A knife goes through 27 stages of polishing before it is finished. (various by the kind of knives)


final sharpening touches


The final step is attaching the handle.