It is important to take the best care possible to prolong the life of your knife.

Daily Care

Please wash clean, wipe off water and dry them after use.

Regular Care

When you notice that the blade is losing sharpness, there might be a lot of damage and it will take a lot of effort to sharpen it.

To always keep the knife in the same and good condition, sharpen them regularly once or twice a month, if possible.

Guide to sharpen a knife

1. Keep in your mind the following before you use a whetstone

Maintain the surface of the whetstone nice and smooth at all times. A whetstone is gradually worn in the middle like a bow shape through usage. 

Before sharpening, make sure the surface (A) and (B) are even. Be aware to sharpen slowly and evenly from (A) to (B) in  the diagram.

Continuously sharpening a knife produces a sticky mud paste on the surface of the whetstone. This mud paste is necessary to smoothly sharpen the knife and to produce a sharp edge. Do not wash it off with water. Keep sharpening the knife, adding small amount of water to the paste.

2. How to sharpen a knife

1. Soak a whetstone in water. Wait until bubbles stop coming out from the whetstone. (approx. 20 minutes)

2. Place a wet cloth under a whetstone to prevent it from moving. Put it an approx. 3cm high block under the front end to make it slight higher.

3. Move from (B) to (A) in the diagram, applying downward pressure on the knife. 

4. Add less force to sharpen it back from (A) to (B). Repeat this procedure. 

Do not apply a heavy force but use ordinary finger pressure. Press the knife with 3 finger tips of the left hand. Change the sharpening area gradually from the front edge toward handle. 

Shift fingers gradually as moving the knife. After finishing one side, sharpen the other side in the same way. 

For the best result, move the knife gently, slowly and evenly. 

 3. How to sharpen a double edged knife

The basic method is described as above, 2. how to sharpen the knife.

Sharpen 50 times each surface, maintaining the angle of 15 degrees between the edge and the whetstone (shown by the surface (C) in the diagram)