About us

About us

Japan Fun Kitchen is a division of Hill Fores Trading Japan Inc in Yokohama, Japan. Mission of Hill Forest is that "to elevate quality of life". Japan Fun Kitchen focuses to health by providing you with healthy foods and excellent kitchen ware from Japan.

Whatever your goal is, nothing is more important than your health. As you know, a balanced diet leads to a healthy body and mind. The kitchen is the center place to make healthy body for a happy future. Excellent foods and kitchen ware make your cooking much more enjoyable.

One of our current main items is cooking knives from Sakai Tohji in Osaka, Japan which has a history of over 200 years of providing high end cooking knives. Their spirit and skills come from skilled craftsmen of excellent Japanese swords. The sharpness and the beauty of the cooking knives from Sakai Tohji bring you more fun in your kitchen.

Green tea is also one of our current main items. Nutrients of green tea is well known for health such as cancer prevention, lower cholesterol, weight loss, and etc.. Not only health benefits, green tea is tasty. You can enjoy it everyday!

In order to provide as much information as possible, we are adding videos of real products on our pages from time to time.

Let’s bring your kitchen more fun with us, Japan Fun Kitchen!